R.E.S.T. Program!

Residential Energy Saving Tune-ups!

Phoenix Energy Solutions provides a 1 YEAR full maintenance SOLUTION!


You will receive 2 scheduled service appointments to keep your system running in top performance.
Plus 15% discounts on needed repairs throughout the year…

Only $175.00!

Air Conditioner SERVICE Includes:

1. Clean Evaporator Drain
2. Evaluate Safety Controls
3. Lubricate Fan Motor
4. Clean Condenser Coil
5. Infrared Camera inspection of Evaporator coil.
6. Monitor Refrigerant level
7. Calibrate Thermostat
8. Check fan blades for tightness
9. Measure Temperature difference for optimum cooling.
10. Tighten electrical connections
11. Clean or replace filters
12. Monitor expansion valve
13. Check start & run capacitors
14. Check Start & Run delays
15. Adjust operating pressures as required.
16. Measure voltage differences
17. Adjust Bypass dampers where applicable
18. Measure for proper Amp Draws
19. Evaluate overall efficiency
20. Check integrity of accessible ducting.

Furnace SERVICE Includes:

1. Check & inspect burner assembly
2. Check ignition system
3. Inspect heat exchanger
4. Monitor flue draft
5. Check sequencers
6. Test starting capabilities
7. Test safety controls
8. Clean or replace Furnace Filter
9. Check & inspect blower components
10. Measure for correct airflow
11. Tighten electrical connections
12. Measure volts/amps on motors
13. Lubricate all moving parts
14. Visually inspect condensate drains
15. Measure temperature difference
16. Check all breakers
17. Test cycle unit
18. Check thermostat calibration
19. Visually inspect all accessible ducting