Home Generator Installation Service and Maintenance

Don’t get stuck without electricity.  Get Emergency Backup Power with your own automatic standby home generator.  Turn on your standby generators when there is a power outage and keep your home running smoothly until it is restored.  Home generators provide worry-free emergency power to support your electrical needs for days, or even weeks. You can rely on clean, quiet, automatic backup power to keep your family safe and comfortable.
A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home automatically and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.  At Phoenix Energy Solutions, we are a one-stop shop providing design, project management, supply and installation of generator systems. We take care of all your needs from permitting, coordinating with utilities, and final start-up of your generator.

Generators and backup systems are tailored for your individual home and our factory trained technicians can provide you with a quote.  Call to get a quote.

Home Generator manufacturers we install:



Biggs and Stratton


Generator Installation

For generator installation, we take care of the entire process of connecting your generator to your home, the backup and the fuel supply.  Our professionals examine your property and determine how much energy your home use and give you expert advice on which unit to install. We offer high-quality residential generators ranging from 8 kW to 22 kW, all of which are reliable and efficient. With our guidance, we will help you to determine which is the right fit for you!  Backup Generators can be powered by diesel, gas, propane or natural gas.

We professionally install to the electrical panel connection, the panel backup, plumbing, and connection to the gas, liquid propane (LP), diesel or natural gas fuel.  We know the importance of staying safe and connected when the power goes out. Whether we’re installing a new home or backup generator, we’ll assess your needs and make sure that you have the best system for your needs and help you gain peace of mind.  After installation, our generators are tested and ready to go.

Generator Installation services cover:

  • Choosing where the generator will be installed.
  • Choosing and connecting the right fuel type.
  • Power backup wiring and connections.
  • Ensure that all wiring and equipment complies with local, state and federal laws or codes, and adheres to the rules and regulations of your local utility.

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Generator Maintenance and Repair

At Phoenix Energy Solutions we can provide routine maintenance or repair on your home backup generator. Don’t wait for the power to go out to realize your generator is not working properly.  Call a factory trained professional for routine maintenance or to get your generator up and running to power up your home or business.  Our professional service is your best bet for generator confidence and dependability.

10K typical install & backup Up to 18K Depends on backup and process in the unit

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Generator Repairs

Like other machinery, after time, generators may need some repairs. Whether it’s a problem with the electrical circuits or alternator, our skilled Generac technicians are ready to help!

Backup Generators for Your Home – We’ll Never Leave You In The Dark

Phoenix Energy Solutions is the #1 Generac installer in the Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, Placerville, Pollock Pines and surrounding foothills area. We provide quality installed backup generators, maintenance and repair services to keep both your home and business protected. Our generators are top-of-the-line units that offer power from a few days to weeks after a blackout. Our skilled technicians work quickly and effectively to ensure that your property is covered. With our turnkey installation, you can enjoy peace of mind with a new generator. It’s one call and that’s all.

  • Design and consultation by factory trained technicians
  • Turnkey installation makes the process quick and easy
  • Available for repairs and maintenance
  • Are you ready to invest in your home and your peace of mind?

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